About 'Modern Love'

about 'Modern Love'

Writers on love and relationships in the 21st century

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'Modern Love' : Writers explore love and relationships in the 21st century

Background to the Modern Love Project

Ten years ago, in December 2001, renaissance one produced it's first semi-staged theatrical event, MODERN LOVE, at the 1000 seater QEH at Southbank Centre, accompanied by a marketing campaign by Abstrakt Publicity (led by Anna Goodman) to bring in intergenerational and cosmopolitan audiences.

As part of the spoken word project, renaissance one produced a book of the new writing - prose and poetry - and arranged a photoshoot to capture a moment in time.

The artists featured in the photo on this page (L - R) are: TOP ROW Anthony Joseph, Patience Agbabi, Malika Booker, Skorpio, Melanie Abrahams, Roger Robinson BOTTOM ROW: Charlie Dark, Francesca Beard, Jacob Sam-La Rose

At the period the term 'spoken word' was hardly used except in the US, and Melanie chose to make the tour and show a spoken word event in order to be able to commission and include prose, poetry and commentary - the full range of the artform.  The show was the first large-scale and billed spoken word event by renaissance one and Southbank Centre that experimented with a semi-theatrical format.

The event offered original, thought provoking and heartfelt personal perspectives – both sonically as well as verbally – which elicited an appreciative buzz throughout the audience.  Modern Love sold out the morning of the show and was subsequently nominated for an EMMA (Ethnic Multicultural Media Award) for Best Theatre/Play alongside Blue/Orange and Lion King, and was voted 'Event of the Week' in the Voice.

The show resulted in renaissance one receiving a number commissions by those who saw the show including a British Council 7 country Europe Tour, a book and live spoken word event with Chris Ofili for his 'Freedom' exhibition and a commission for a poetry stage event at the Mayor's London Mela in collaboration with Watermans (From Dusk Til Dawn). As part of the spoken word project, renaissance one produced a book of the new writing - prose and poetry - and arranged a photoshoot to capture a moment in time

Tilt's London Liming: at Rich Mix on 8 December

Where spoken word meets carnival

Photo of Francesca Beard

London Liming offers spoken word, music, socialising and dancing under one roof.

An opportunity to unwind, experience the best performers around, and take part!

With CHARLIE DARK, SABRINA MAHFOUZ, MICHAEL HOROVITZ, FRANCESCA BEARD, SURESHOT and JAMES INGHAM.  Hosted by MELANIE ABRAHAMS. The show includes a special tribute to SKORPIO, a much admired and loved poet who passed away this year. Skorpio R.I.P.  Click HERE for more info.

We're excited about presenting these events at the dynamic Rich Mix venue, the next event is on 8 December and celebrates the 10th anniversary of Modern Love, a spoken word project that commissioned writers in 2001 to explore love and modern relationships in the 21st century, and culminated at a sell-out show at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, Southbank Centre following a 20 venue England Tour. Find out more about the featured performers by clicking HERE.  Read about the Modern Love show 2001 and projects resulting from it HERE.

About London Liming "It creates a sense of involvement lacking at many literary events..." extract from ‘Culture Clubs’ by Danuta Kean (London Book Fair Magazine)

Click here to watch a taster video of London Liming

Read REVIEWS of the event here

Click here to watch a short documentary 'Liming on Tour'

See what 'Liming' is about

Watch a performance video

Next London Liming - 8 Dec at Rich Mix!

Next London Liming - 8 Dec at Rich Mix!

Watch a video that offers insight into our 'Liming' event. It's presented by Liming Patron the award-winning poet John Agard, click HERE to view it

Ayanna Witter-Johnson at London Liming

watch highlights of previous London Liming shows

photo of Ayanna Witter-Johnson

Ayanna Witter-Johnson is a captivating composer, jazz vocalist and musician with a First Class Degree from Trinity College. She's spent the last few years in New York, only recently settling back in London, and during her stint in the Big Apple was crowned Super Top Dog at the Amateur Night Live finals at the Harlem Apollo.

Ayanna joined us for a special London Liming performance in 2009.

CLICK HERE for a spoken word video: LONDON LIMING presents Ayanna Witter-Johnson & special guest Jonzi D



Sat 9 November at Embrace Arts

Liming on Tour: spoken word meets carnival

Our Liming events offer the best of spoken word, music, and the chance to unwind, under one roof. Liming toured London, Liverpool, Nottingham, Ilkley and Sheffield in 2010 and appeared at Embrace Arts this November.

'In the poetry world it can be hard to find organisations that are both organised and creatively and artistically excellent but Tilt achieves this. Leicester Liming, and every liming I have been to, has had diversity and quality in both acts and audience.' Deborah Stevenson, Poet, founder of Mouthy Poets


A Spoken Word Talk Series: Gary Younge

:Who Are We: And Should It Matter in the 21st Century?

20 - 25 October, various cities

Gary Younge, Guardian columnist and a winner of the prestigious James Cameron award for his coverage of the Obama election and the "combined moral vision and professional integrity" of his work, was in England in October to present a talks series on themes of identity and social justice based on his latest book, Who Are We: And Should It Matter In the 21st Century

For full details of the book tour click here

Watch a video of Gary Younge: Writing Wrongs: The Media and The War on Terror


Spoken Word meets Comedy: 31 March at Kings Place

photo of Dan Antopolski

photo of Dan Antopolski

A shebeen of scurrilous, edgy words with DAN ANTOPOLSKI, SUSAN MURRAY, ROBIN INCE and FRANCESCA BEARD

‘Ince is the thinking man’s stand up’ City Life

“If you only go and see one comedian in Edinburgh this year, make it Susan Murray” Jeremy Hardy

(Susan Murray)“Mainstream success written all over her….a real talent” Edinburgh Guide.com

(Dan Antopolski) 'Ideal viewing for anybody with a sense of humour who can laugh until it hurts." Three Weeks

Guy Browning on spoken word

author of the best-selling 'How To..' series

photo of Guy Browning

'I started life as a stand up comedian and that’s one of the most visceral ways of using spoken word. You have to connect with the inside of someone’s brain using nothing but language and I’ve always found that really exciting.'

CLICK HERE to watch Guy Browning

Susan Murray on saying the unsayable

Is anything un-sayable these days?

Photo of Susan Murray

'Is anything un-sayable these days? In the land of Frankie Boyle and Tramadol Nights, it would seem not so.'

to read the full piece click here

Something I Said?

Festival of playful & provoking spoken word

Something I Said? was a weekend festival of spoken word last October, produced by Tilt 22 - 24 October 2010 in association with the Southbank Centre. Thank you to all those who attended and supported the festival.

To read more about the festival click here

more spoken word - writer and actress SOPHIE WOOLLEY on 'Brief Word Encounter'

Sophie performed at Tilt's 'Something I Said?' spoken word festival 2010

photo of Ayanna Witter-Johnson

Accompanied by cellist TONY WOOLLARD (Cello Journeys), Sophie performed a satirical monologue inspired by classic film 'Brief Encounter' and random snippets of literature gathered via upsidedown reading on the train.

click here to watch Sophie Woolley