About TILT

Spoken Word curators & producers

Tilt opens up new spaces for spoken word, and its links to music, performance and visual expression.

Daljit Nagra by Sarah Lee

Since 2005, we have produced events featuring talents such as Mike Ladd, Ursula Rucker, Sophie Woolley, Brian Patten and Patience Agbabi. We have hosted UK Tours and events for Amiri Baraka, Jamaican dub poet and reggae artist Mutabaruka, poet and rock star Jessica Care Moore and the Guardian journalist Gary Younge. We host the acclaimed 'Liming’ events which fuse spoken word with a carnival sensibility and our Patron is the acclaimed poet John Agard

Tilt is the sister company to renaissance one www.renaissanceone.co.uk. renaissance one works with the full range of literature - offering events, touring, project management and mentoring to writers and emerging producers.

Spoken Word Styles

photo of Francesca Beard

photo of Francesca Beard

‘Tilt can always be trusted upon to set the space for spoken word, top notch poets, DJ's and the people to mix it up. The people that attend are often as interesting to watch as the acts up on stage. Their event London Liming never ceases to amaze, to inspire and to pull out of the hat the ‘something other’.

Anjan Saha, London Literature Lounge

What they say

‘Spoken Word pioneers’ Channel 4

Tilt continues to produce sterling events combining different styles of performers both established and new. Appealing to all the senses, tilt is a smorgasbord of delight you'll want to come back to again and again.

Heather Taylor, writer