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What is liming?

Where spoken word meets carnival

Tilt's Liming events fuse a carnival and party-loving sensibility into a spoken word format. Essentially, a mash up of words, music and dancing, the term 'liming' is taken from the Trinidadian pastime of 'Limin' or the 'lime' (see below for the 'Origins of Liming' by poet Anthony Joseph)

Our next event is on Saturday 25 October with details of the lineup coming soon.

We curate events which are always convivial, friendly, cosmopolitan and bursting to the seams with the most talented spoken word performers and musicians that the UK and overseas has to offer.

So far, we've presented enthralling artists including Mike Ladd, Mutabaruka, Ross Sutherland, Aoife Mannix, Ayanna Witter-Johnson, Sophie Woolley, Charlie Dark, Michael Horovitz, Kate Tempest, Laura Dockrill, Yemisi Blake, Arun Ghosh, and more, and we have presented Liming shows at a range of venues around England including the Great Eastern Hotel, New Art Exchange (Nottingham), the Bluecoat, Southbank Centre and Off The Shelf (Sheffield)

What they say about our events

‘Tilt's Liming can always be trusted to set the space for spoken word, top notch poets, DJ's and the people to mix it up. The people that attend are as interesting to watch as the acts on stage.” London Literature Lounge

"Based on a Trinidadian cultural institution, they mash up Caribbean carnival sensibilities with dance music and poetry readings...the audience is invited to chat, meet the artists or dance over a beer. It creates a sense of involvement and explains why (Tilt) has been able to pack in up to 1,000 people at its gatherings." extract by Danuta Kean, London Book Fair Magazine 'Culture Clubs'

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Watch VIDEOS of past events

Watch a video of Liverpool Liming featuring artists including Levi Tafari, Grace Nichols, Charlie Dark, Beni and more CLICK HERE

Other Videos from our Liming archive

John Agard performs Palm Tree King

Mellow Baku

Daljit Nagra

Ayanna Witter-Johnson and Jonzi D

Michael Horovitz

Interview: Melanie Abrahams and Nikki Beddi discuss 'liming'

What the bloggers say...

" The whole audience was in uproar. Who’d have thought that a woman blowing in to a balloon could cause such a visceral response." Writer and Illustrator Jay Bernard

Review by writer and educator Yemisi Blake

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Poet ANTHONY JOSEPH on the Origins of Liming

Photo of Anthony Joseph

In 1795 it became compulsory for sailors on long haul voyages to consume daily rations of lime juice, in addition to rum, as it helped combat scurvy. ‘Limey’ or ‘limer’ became a colloquial term for the British. During WWII Trinidad had English and US sailors stationed and at night, sailors roamed the capital’s streets – to nightclubs, calypso tents, brothels and so on... What they did was ‘to lime’ or ‘go liming’. Trinidadians applied the word ‘liming’ or ‘lime’ to a number of situations - part hedonistic ritual - part game of chance, it’s a national occupation – whether hanging out, partying, drinking beer on the street or the annual ritual of carnival ‘jump up’.


"Based on a Trinidadian cultural institution, they mash up Caribbean carnival sensibilities with dance music and poetry readings. Between sets by famous names like John Agard and not so famous names like Aoife Mannix, the audience is invited to chat, meet the artists or dance over a beer supplied by sponsors Guinness. It creates a sense of involvement lacking at many literary events and explains why (Tilt) has been able to pack in up to 1,000 people at its gatherings." extract from Culture Clubs, The London Book Fair Magazine written by Danuta Kean

"Spoken word pioneers"_ Channel 4_

“I really enjoyed London Liming. It was the first time I had played at a literature event and I found the experience very refreshing.“
Shlomo - London Liming Featured Artist, 2008

"A joyful, warm-spirited and elevating celebration of the spoken word, in all its many forms. Delivered with exuberance and panache by some seriously talented performers, London Limin fully embraced its Caribbean carnival theme, and had our minds cerebrally gyrating. An evening of verbal dexterity and good times, passionately imbued with the majestic potency of meaningful words." Lindsay Johns, Journalist

"Once you enter into the space, you’re hit with the the amazing sounds provided by DJ Cliffy, a heady mix of Calypso, Dub, Dancehall and Roots and more. As we find our seats there is excitement in the air.  Our host takes the stage, the one and only Melanie Abrahams, letting us know we were listening to the BAC Beatbox Academy, introducing the vibe of London Liming, and welcoming to the stage, Adisa the Verbaliser, book in hand, offering a fast paced lyrical flow that encourages us to join in.  Then Alexander De Great, the Calypso King takes us on a journey. His voice carries us away to sunny shores and rum cocktails and he throws in politics and history.  And then Jo Bell takes the stage, full of fun and tales of Yorkshire. She has us in the palm of her hand as she shares a piece of work with audience participation, a theme of the night, of Liming.  The final act is Jean ‘Binta’ Breeze, and we are lost in her brilliance. Her wordplay makes us giggle like naughty children. An amazing evening. We make plans to see each other at the next Liming and leave with a smile that we carry for days to come. _ Review by Robert Stephenson of London Liming at BAC, May 2011_

Performer/grime artist RINSE describes LONDON LIMING

"I walked into london liming thinking I would hear live poetry for the first time, but I never knew poetry could be so funny that I'd laugh uncontrollably, so beautiful that I'd be lost for words, and so powerful that I'd be inspired all over again as a writer. The experience was amazing and one of a kind."

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